Old Movie Teams

Weren’t they also in that other movie?

Deanna Durbin & Robert Cummings

Deanna Durbin appeared with Robert Cummings in three movies. In Three Smart Girls Grow Up (1939), Deanna repeats a role she played in Three Smart Girls (1936), viz. ingenue Penny Craig. In the 1939 sequel we find Deanna as a three-years-older Penny playing matchmaker for Mr. Cummings’ character and Penny’s older sister, played by Helen Parrish.  Not until Spring Parade (1940) and It Started with Eve (1941) do Cummings and Durbin actually play opposite one another.  Deanna, of course, sings in all three Cummings/Durbin joint ventures (see picture above from It Started with Eve) and, while the two actors mix it up mostly for laughts in each movie, the two do finally partake of a little romance on screen, even almost manage to kiss  (see picture below — also from It Started with Eve).


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  moviesmusic wrote @

Ahh! Cool! I’m so glad you put them on your blog!! 🙂 It Started With Eve is SO funny! It’s my favorite Deanna movie! Deanna is my all time favorite actress!!!

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