Old Movie Teams

Weren’t they also in that other movie?

Dennis Morgan & Ann Sheridan & Jack Carson

In four of the eleven feature-length movies that teamed Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson, Ann Sheridan appears and, by virtue of those four collaborations, becomes a third member of the team. The four films are:

Wings for the Eagle (1942)
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)
Shine on Harvest Moon (1944)
One More Tomorrow (1946)

In all but Thank Your Lucky Stars, where the three actors appear as simply three more actors in a panoply of celebrities teaming up for the war effort, Ms. Sheridan plays the romantic interest for Dennis Morgan’s character. Jack Carson does play the likable, but not very suitable, husband to Ann Sheridan the wife in Wings for the Eagle, but as in Shine on Harvest Moon and One More Tomorrow he, for the most part, finds himself the sidekick to a romance between Ms. Sheridan and Mr. Morgan’s characters.

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