Old Movie Teams

Weren’t they also in that other movie?

Jean Harlow & Clark Gable


Clark Gable and Jean Harlow appeared together in six features.   The Secret Six (1931) is their first appearance on the same screen, but not truly as a team.   Not until the final scenes in Red Dust (1932) did movie audiences get a feel for the red hot power and the passion these two emanated in each other’s arms.   Four films and five years later, their teamwork came to an untimely end during the making of Saratoga (1937).  Harlow had been secretly suffering for years from nephritis  – a degeneration of the kidneys.  She died before Saratoga was completed.   The studio contemplated scrapping the movie, but realized the public was clamoring for more Gable and Harlow.  The remainder of the film was shot with a Harlow stand-in. 


  moviesmusic wrote @

I’ve just recently become a fan of Harlow! She’s a really good movie star, and it’s sad that she died so young! I love the movies with her and Clark Gable!!

  Brian Mellen wrote @

Amen…amen… RIP Jean (and Clark)…

  Eh wrote @

Really enjoy her. She’s my fave Gable co-star. Goodness, the poor girl sure was hideous and fat-faced but she’s lots of fun and well-styled. Every time I think she’s very fat cos of her cheeks, bulbous nose, double chin and fat eyebrow “sockets”, I see her skinny body and it’s so weird!

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