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Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell

Very prolific in their match-ups during an eight-year period, Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell appeared together in 12 feature-length films. Their first two collaborations occurred in the silent era: 7th Heaven (1927) and Street Angel (1928). It was the strength of her performances in these two films, plus her efforts sans Charles Farrell in Sunrise (1927), that garnered Ms. Gaynor the very first Academy Award for best performance by an actress. It was also the appeal in these performances that generated a public clamoring for more vehicles teaming Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell.

Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor in The First Year

The two went on as a team in 10 more films; they even went on to play themselves in the movie Happy Days (1929), Fox Film Corporation’s attempt to showcase its cavalcade of dancers and crooners (meaning just about everybody under contract — even those who couldn’t sing or dance) in its experimental ‘Fox Grandeur’ 70mm widescreen film process. The Gaynor-Farrell team sang duet with a little Brockman-Hanley (the music and lyrics team of James Brockman and James F. Hanely) number entitled “We’ll Build a Little World of Our Own.”

When their team effort in the movie Change Of Heart (1934) proved more a promotion for the career of Ginger Rogers, who appeared alongside Ms. Gaynor and Mr. Farrell, and the movie-going public consequently clamored for more Ginger Rogers, the Gaynor-Farrell team lost some of its glamor and, as far as the Studios were concerned, its marketability. Change Of Heart became the last screen appearance Ms. Gaynor and Mr. Farrell made together.

The following is a list of all their feature-length film collaborations:

7th Heaven (1927)
Street Angel (1928)
Lucky Star (1929)
Happy Days (1929)
Up (1929)
High Society Blues (1930)
The Man Who Came Back (1931)
Merely Mary Ann (1931)
Delicious (1931)
The First Year (1932)
Tess of the Storm Country (1932)
Change Of Heart (1934)

For all you die-hard Janet Gaynor/Charles Farrell fans, you may enjoy viewing the youtube video tribute to this team. Here’s the link:

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  Nell wrote @

OMGosh! They are the most amazing couple!
I wish they had married as they seemed to make a great couple!
I do feel that Charlie Farrell was just as amazing as an Actor as Janet was and
he should have won numerous awards in his career. He is such a natural actor ~ if you haven’t seen him in
the truly sweet little gem of a film:
Lucky Star 1929, on youtube for free and complete, check him out!
The Director Frank Borzage is
phenomenal!! I love his style so much,
I just wish I could tell him in person
how much has films have meant to me
especially when life was truly challenging! He feeds us via his films
with his heart into ours!!
his other 2 with this amazing duo are:
Seventh Heaven & Street Angel.
I can’t wait to see Charlie in The River,
as a clip on youtube looks wonderful too.
Love & Happiness,
~ Nell

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